Say hello to the NEWEST member at Team LMX! 👋

John Ingram-Marriott has joined LMX in a New Business Sales role, and we could not be happier to have him on board.

John brings his considerable experience from IBM, SAVVIS (now Lumen), KVH (now Colt Japan) in Europe & Asia Pac to the LMX family.

While John may have doubled the average age of the organisation overnight and remembers using the original Nokia mobile phone (the Brick!), his energy and experience puts the rest of us to shame.

So why did John join LMX? 🤷‍♂‍

He lived the pain of spending days and weeks trying to get network proposals out in a timely manner – frustrated by the slow turnaround times of quotes (due to the challenges of pricing tail circuits).

In his view, LMX represents an incredible opportunity for Telco Sales Teams to close orders more efficiently and speedily, by automating their Off-Net pricing process and closing more deals more speedily with less hassle – If you are a Salesperson in a hurry, let LMX take the pain away 🙏