LMX Buyer

“Manage and automate quotes from hundreds of supplier cost sources in one place”

If you work in access quoting you know the problem. Thousands of quotes to process, demanding sales teams telling you you’re too expensive and too slow and weary suppliers refusing to provide their best rates as the quote to order rates are so low. The LMX Buyer solution allows you to break this vicious circle by providing automated quotes for all your suppliers allowing you to focus on the important and the complex deals.

LMX provides each of our customers with their own dedicated version of the system in to which you can add your own network products, global POPs and negotiated supplier rates. Then when sales teams have an access requirement they simply type in their address and circuit details and in a matter of seconds the system displays all the potential supplier solutions.

The LMX core management team has over 40 years experience of working in and with Global Telcos to ensure that the LMX Buying tool provides the most comprehensive global access quoting solution in the market. For more information or to request a product demonstration, please contact us on

LMX Supplier

“Provide your carrier customers with automated quotes for standard requests, freeing you up to focus on the complex deals that need your time and expertise”

Quote to order ratios are shockingly low. As a sales team, typically you’ll process 100 quote requests for every order you receive. Many suppliers have looked to provide their wholesale customers with “self-serve” excel price books to reduce the volume of work they have to process. If you’ve done this, you’ll know both the benefits (reduced manual requests) but also the negatives which are the loss of visibility of pipeline and the nagging doubt that maybe your rates aren’t getting used.

The LMX supplier solution allows you to provide your customers with automated quotes via an API to their pricing environments and ensure that your latest rates are always being used by them and gives you visibility of what services of yours they are quoting. The Supplier tool can very easily be integrated with any of the existing carriers using the LMX Buyer solutions giving you instant access to some of the biggest carriers in the industry

The LMX Supplier solution also provides users without automated quoting tool with a web based interface for manual quoting. For more information or to request a product demonstration, please contact us on

LMX Enterprise

“See or share your network”

Diversity in the last mile is often vital to Enterprise customer’s core sites, but how do you ensure that the solutions that you have are truly diverse?

The LMX Enterprise solution allows companies to upload all their sites in to a maps based interface and display the existing fibre paths at street level to show the diversity to each location and highlight any single points of failure.

The Enterprise solution can also be used as the starting point for RFPs as all the locations in the Enterprise solution can be cleansed and geocoded providing the Telco Carriers with accurate information to provide faster quotes and route maps. Route maps returned in KML files as part of the RFP process can also be uploaded and displayed against existing network paths to help identify the best supplier solution.

For more information or to request a product demonstration, please contact us on

LMX Marketplace

“Get your rates in the eyeline of some of the world’s largest carriers”

The LMX Marketplace is a multi-tenanted pricing system which provides local access suppliers with a platform to publish to rates and solutions to buyers around the world. It is also the perfect low-cost option for suppliers who currently do not have their own dedicated pricing solution.

All you have to do is to upload your rates to the market place, which in turn are immediately exposed to buying operators worldwide via an API.

Increasingly, global carriers are looking to automate their access quoting and the LMX Platform enables just that. It prevents you from having to spend significant amounts of time and money developing your own complex automated quoting solution.

Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from the power of automated pricing.

For more information or to request a product demonstration, please contact us on