Meet Sofia Taveira

Meet Sofia Taveira, one of LMX’s superstar customer support engineer!

I was once on the other side of the line as an LMX customer, and I always enjoyed working with them, as it was pretty clear that they knew their business and their customers’ needs.

When the opportunity came to be part of the team, I didn’t hesitate. I was thrilled with the thought of working with experts in the field and I’ve loved every minute of it since 2018. LMX is like a second family, where good mood and dedication are a constant.

I was always very customer-focused, so seeing our customers happy is very rewarding, and it feels even better when we exceed expectations.The part of my job I enjoy the most is working on API analysis. I can’t get enough of that feeling when I create an API project, prepare the request, and get a SUCCESS response…it feels AMAZING!

I also like debugging from the logs, as it makes me feel like a forensic detective:face_with_monocle: