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Carriers Buying Access

Automate your global access quoting with the LMX Carrier Buyer solution. The LMX system aggregates your suppliers APIs, excel costs books and other data to allow you to instantly quote to any location across the globe in seconds.

Carriers Selling Access

Provide your customers with an automated pricing tool giving instant quotes for your services that is accessible either via web based interface or an easy to connect API. The LMX Supplier product also provides you with potential easy access to the LMX global carrier customer base.

Enterprise Customers

Easily view your global telco estate with the LMX Enterprise solution. The system displays existing circuit paths in the map interface and allows you to compare and contrast potential new solutions to identify the optimal diversity for key locations.

LMX Marketplace

Upload your rates to the market place, and immediately get exposed to buying operators worldwide via an API. It is the perfect low-cost option for suppliers who currently do not have their own dedicated pricing solution.