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What is eXpress?

eXpress is a repository and online access cost pricing tool providing a single location to store, manage and share off-net tariffs with users both inside and outside a carrier’s business.

By offering one place to input and manage all supplier costs it enables a carrier to simplify its access pricing procedures, reduce inefficiencies and optimise off-net procurement leading to significant cost savings and ensuring competitive costs can be provided instantly.

eXpress has a user interface that can be used for retrieving the costs and prices and it can also be used in its role as a repository by other applications that can connect to it.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • One central location to store supplier pricing and inventory information
  • Allows an organisation to manage supplier tariffs and the ability to share information with sales and pricing teams and channel partners
  • Provides a price book for customers


  • Assistance and expertise provided for the process of modelling the relevant internal data to populate the system including historical quote data and install base costs
  • Integrates effectively with eXplore to offer information to sales channels