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What is eXplore?

eXplore is an online network mapping tool that provides a single place to store, manage and share a carrier’s network assets.

Powered by Google Maps, it provides a visual representation allowing a carrier to map the buildings it is present in, list lit buildings, map metro and long distance networks, calculate the estimated distance to the network and provide estimated “dig” costs.

Allowing a carrier to identify if the customer is off-net, near-net or on-net,  eXplore provides a carrier’s sales function with a valuable and essential tool to determine the best price to offer a customer.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Allows mapping of buildings, metro and long haul networks
  • Lists lit buildings
  • Calculates street level distance to the network
  • Provides visibility as to whether customers are on-net and within a carrier’s buildings
  • Helps the sales function to visualise the network on a map
  • Provides estimated “dig” costs


  • Offers a pre-sales check to improve the pre-sales order process
  • Avoids duplication in ordering circuits that a carrier may already have reducing costs
  • Provides an easy to use sales tool with the ability to integrate with the eXpress pricing tool
  • Assistance and expertise provided in the process of collecting the relevant internal data to populate the platform